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Faculty Qualifications

A faculty group is team of 3 to 9 teachers that together teach all the subjects required for the degree program(s) the team offers. The team as a unit must earn accreditation, and no individual member of the team can claim to be accredited as an individual educator outside the network and platform of his or her faculty group.

All teachers in a faculty group that becomes accredited by the OpenLATCH Education Foundation must meet the following conditions:

1. They must have a MA or a PhD in a subject of the humanities. Traditionally, the term humanities is taken to mean the liberal arts, which mainly includes coursework in the classics, law, history, literature, language, philosophy, art, and religion. OpenLATCH extends this list to include matter that can be studied and mastered without any recourse to specific technical apparatus. Coursework that fits into this expanded category include pure mathematics, history of science, pure science, social studies, government, political science, theory of business, entrepreneurship, logic, economics, non-clinical psychology, applied religion (e.g., hermeneutics, methods of missionary work, expository preaching, church management), and so forth.

A teacher's degree should be in the academic discipline in which he or she is teaching. However, given the fluidity of many subjects of the humanities, a teacher may have sufficient ancillary experience to teach across the disciplines. Such ancillary experience must be demonstrated or evidenced to the OpenLATCH assessors.

2. They must either have at least two years of prior collegiate teaching experience or have successfully undergone a two-year mentorship by some member of the team that has such experience. The mentor has the obligation to articulate to OpenLATCH the standards used in designing the mentorship process and in determining whether or not the mentoring process was successful.

3. They must be able to provide all the documents required in the OpenLATCH accreditation application. Such documents include CVs, official transcripts, syllabi, and sample assignments.

4. They must be able to show critical-information documents to the OpenLATCH assessors during the on-site visit. Such documents include birth certificates, social-security cards, state-issued drivers' licenses, and so forth.

5. They must pass a background check facilitated by an OpenLATCH advisor using a third-party company. 

6. They must be willing and able to administer OpenLATCH evaluations to their students as long as their faculty group holds OpenLATCH accreditation.


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