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Personnel & Contact Info


(Only experience pertinent to the activities of  OpenLATCH will be listed. Resumes and complete transcripts of degrees will be made available upon third-party legal request.)




Myk Moreno. Executive Director of OpenLATCH Education Foundation (March 2012 to present). Myk received his BA degree in Commercial Art and Graphic Design from Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, FL. Since 2012, he has been in large-scale mortgage-portfolio management, business management, and compliance and audit procedures, overseeing over 800 employees for a Berkshire Hathaway company. He also has served on the Community Education Board for Maryville, TN. 


Coleman Hamby. Assistant Executive Director of OpenLATCH Education Foundation (July 2015 to present). Coleman has received his BA and MA degrees in Education from Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, FL. Coleman has been the head administrator for 16 years at a K-12 private academy in Hudson, NC, consistently servicing over 100 students/year with a 9:1 student/teacher ratio. 


Jeremiah Hindman. Assistant Director of OpenLATCH Education Foundation (Jan 2015 to present). Jeremiah has earned his degrees (in Political Science and Philosophy) from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. He has over ten years of experience in college teaching and mid-tier administration, including serving on accreditation committees. Currently, Jeremiah is the CEO of Sophisticate's Tea, based in Denver, CO.

Peter Mull. Assistant Director of OpenLATCH Education Foundation. (Jan 2015 to present). Pete has served on the faculty of the English Department at Burr & Burton Academy since 1987, acting as Chair of the Dept. for 3 years. He has also served as an ETS College Board exam developer. Peter provides valuable guidance to the assessment of exams at OpenLATCH as well as the ways schools facilitate entry-level student success.


Brett Burney. Co-Principal of the OpenLATCH Education Foundation Board (September 2011 to present). Brett received his BA and ML degrees from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX, and the University of Dayton Law School, Dayton, OH. For five years, Brett worked with litigation teams developing electronic-document databases, counseling on electronic-discovery issues, and managing the technical responsibilities of presenting electronic evidence at trial. Currently, he is the principal of Burney Consultants LLC and is a leading conference participant in his field.

Craig Hopp. Co-Principal of the OpenLATCH Education Foundation Board (October 2011 to present). Craig received his degree in marketing management from Ohio University, Athens, OH. Since 2000, he has been the marketing manager for the Twinsburg, OH, branch the K&M International toy company. Craig travels nationally and internationally, managing show venues for his company's product. Craig is actively involved in community service for Twinsburg and Solon, OH.

Jason Holtzman. Member of the OpenLATCH Education Foundation Board (June 2013 to present). Jason has earned multiple degrees in English and Education from the University of Florida.  He has served in the public-schools system of Florida for 11 years and has extensive training as a professional test-assessor. Since 2011 he has been the head of the English department of a private 9-12 academy in Gainesville, FL., servicing over 200 students with a 10:1 student/teacher ratio.
Milo Kaufmann. Member of the OpenLATCH Education Foundation Board (April 2015 to present). Professor Emeritus of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, founder of its Science-Fiction department, and accomplished author. Milo has spent his life in higher education and is a valuable source of wisdom and advice concerning the paths that lie before OLEF.
Pat Griffiths. Member of the OpenLATCH Education Foundation Board (July 2015 to present). Pat has served as the Director of Religion at Northland International University from 1999 to 2002 and has also held an Associate Professorship of Religion at NIU. Currently, Pat pastors a 300-member church in Wisconsin.


Because of our double-blind policy, which mandates that the faculty group being assessed cannot know the identity of the assessors and vice versa, the members of our core assessor group of curricula cannot be listed by name.

To date, there are 7 assessors in course and curricula assessment. The range of experience in this group ranges from Level-2 assessors to a Level-4 assessors.

A full list of the assessors will be made available to a third-party legal office upon request, upon condition that the third party keep the names and affiliated colleges/universities of the assessor group private.





General Contact Info

Our policy concerning contact information is to not list our physical addresses and our phone numbers. This has reduced our amount of incoming marketing attempts by companies not associated with the OpenLATCH Education Foundation. Land addresses are listed in our letters and receipts when necessary to facilitate document collection and billing returns.

As a company, we prefer to communicate solely through email, not only because of the filters email provides but also for the dated written record that results.

Please use the following email addresses to reach us:


Executive Director: (please substitute @ for _at_)

Assistant Executive Director: (please substitute @ for _at_)

Assistant Director: (please substitute @ for _at_)

Co-principal of the General Board: (please substitute @ for _at_)

Board member: (please substitute @ for _at_)


NOTE: We prefer that initial communication with OLEF be conducted via email only, as this gives us a time buffer to determine who best to aid our clients and service the inquiries. It also allows us to archive the communication. Phone numbers will be made available on a discretionary basis as the need arises for more direct and immediate communication.

Open Latch Education Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization

1242 North Wyngate Way,  Maryville TN 37803